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Welcome to Sparta

Manufacturer of high performance brake systems & components



'Born on the track. Tamed for the road.'


"The chase for the ultimate braking solution was derived from the harsh environments found

on the track. High temperatures, world-class drivers and brutal braking corner after corner are some of the conditions from which Sparta was born."

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'Increase your pace, drive harder, be nothing less than 100% committed to every corner

knowing you can stop equally as fast.'

The ability to brake later, brake harder and remain consistent without the loss of performance are a few benefits that provide increased confidence when using Sparta brakes.

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'An overview of our offerings at the tip of your fingers.'

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Quite simply, it works as well as it looks.

When the aesthetics are just as important as the function and performance look no further than our Triton Big Brake Kits.

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Quite simply, it works as well as it looks.

When aesthetics are just as important as the function and performance, look no further than our Triton Big Brake Kits.

Sparta Brakes
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Sparta Brakes

Got what it takes? Join the revolution and become a member of Team Sparta

Are you setting the quickest lap times and leaving everyone in the dust? Do you live, eat and breathe for track days and race events? The rush of adrenaline from shifting through the gears, mastering "the line" and making that impossible pass are the thrills we understand the best. Click on the link below to apply to join Team Sparta.

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Give yourself a brake...

Sparta Brakes, working hard so you don't have to, with reliable consistent braking time and time again.

Sparta Brakes
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