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BMW Brakes & Products

Thanks to our products, you'll finally be able to get the superior stopping power you need to keep your BMW in check. Sparta braking products were engineered for the daily driver, the spirited driver, and for those who go racing on the weekends. No matter how you use your BMW, Sparta products will help you brake through.


Our 1BK  BMW performance upgrade package consists of our GP1 one piece brake rotors paired with SPP1.0 brake pads.

This combination is perfect for those who are looking to upgrade their BMW Braking System for a more responsive and aggressive feel.

Easy to install at home brake kit that includes all of the necessities you need to upgrade your BMW this weekend, and have a ton of fun on the road by Sunday.

Also available is our GP1 Direct Replacement Rotors by themselves, which were engineered to endure extreme conditions and undergo stringent quality inspection procedures.

BBK Calipers.png


Our big brake kits were designed specifically for street and track use. Drive your BMW on the street while also enjoying track days!

Our Saturn and Triton brake kits are the perfect brakes for daily use but more than capable of taking on the most demanding of circuits! Perfect for BMW's from entry level 3 series to high end M series and anything in between.

Our Triton-R Big Brake Kit has the ultimate race brake caliper for the hardest of drivers and the toughest of tracks! 

Designed on the track for the track. 


Designed for everyday use our SPP1.0 brake pad offers a host of features tailored to everyday street use.

SPP 1.0 has been specifically formulated to maximize the performance of your BMW's OEM designed braking system, designed with high initial bite and linear pedal feel in all environments and working conditions.

Intended for the spirited BMW driver, this pad is meant to handle your day to day commute just like the pads that originally came with your car, but is also be up to the task of your spirited weekend drives that require higher heat capabilities than a standard street pad.

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