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Welcome to Sparta's range of high performance big brake kits.

From street, track, race, off-road and special applications we have you covered. Discover the Sparta

range of performance big brake kits below, or use the quick access menu above.

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Saturn & Triton Big Brake Kits, designed specifically for street and track use.

Drive your car on the street but enjoy track days? Both our Saturn and Triton brake kits have been

developed for this combination. The perfect brakes for daily use but more than capable of taking on

the most demanding of circuits. 

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Triton-R Big Brake Kit, the ultimate race calipers for the hardest of drivers and toughest of tracks. 

Designed on the track for the track. Our Triton-R big brake kit has been developed specifically for track and race

conditions. Discover more about the Triton-R Big Brake Kit below:

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Athena, designed for a variety of applications including; Off-Road, SUV and track vehicles.

With its unique cooling design and robust body, our Athena brake kit can tackle demanding conditions while providing consistent and reliable brake pressure. 

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