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Below you will find a list of the most common asked questions relating to braking products, installation or fitment. 

Will my Sparta Big Brake Kit fit behind my wheels?

A: While all care is taken to design and developed our kits behind OEM wheels, there is no guarantee they will. OE wheels come in many different off-sets and wheel tapers. It is suggested you contact Sparta tech support for further information or download our wheel template to check your wheel measurements.

Are drilled rotors better than slotted?

A: Both drilled and slotted rotors serve the purpose of removing dust, debris and water from the friction surfaces. Drilled rotors have an advantage in wet or snow conditions where water needs to be evacuated quickly. Slotted rotors are more robust for higher temperature applications.

After a few thousand miles I am experiencing a vibration through the steering wheel and my brake pedal pulsates under light load, are my discs warped?

A: Not necessarily, your discs could be suffering from Disc Thickness Variation (DTV). If a disc rotor is not mounted correctly on the hub it may have run out. This is a condition caused when your brake pads are sweeping over the high spots of your discs wearing away small sections creating a thick/thin friction face. When the brakes are applied the caliper will grab and release on this irregular thickness causing the steering wheel to vibrate and in some cases the brake pedal to pulsate. This is generally caused by: - Incorrect wheel torque. - The disc mounting hub is bent. - The mounting face of the hub has not been cleaned properly before installing the disc. - Has a build up of rust between the hub and disc. - Worn or loose wheel bearings.

Do I need to machine my new discs before installation?

A: No, all Sparta discs have been machined to tight tolerances in the manufacturing process.

How do I know when to replace my brake discs?

A: All discs are roll marked on the outer diameter with a Scrap or Minimum thickness when the discs needs replacing.

Only one brake disc is scrap / minimum thickness, should I replace only one side?

A: It is recommended when replacing a disc at / or below minimum thickness that both discs should be replaced at the same time.

What is Sparta's warranty policy?

A: Warranty is 12,000 miles (20,000 Km’s) or 12 months against defects in manufacturing. All discs, pads, calipers and hoses must be installed by a certified technician and we will also request proof of original purchase at the start of any warranty claim. Our warranty does not extend to cover brake components used under race conditions or for competition use.

Can my slotted discs be machined if necessary?

A: Yes, slotted discs can be machined on a high speed and slow feed brake disc lathe. Any good brake specialist should be experienced to machine the discs, however if this process is carried out then the original warrantly will no longer be valid.

What is your advised brake pad compound and what brake fluid do you recommend I use?

A: This depends on your driving habits and what you want to achieve in your braking performance. Contact Sparta tech supports for further information.

Is it advised to change your brake fluid when replacing any braking components such as calipers, discs or brake pads?

A: Yes; Brake fluid is hygroscopic and as such has a tendancy to absorb moisture from the air, this means overtime the boiling point of the fluid reduces (due to the content of water) and brake efficency will be reduced. It is advised that your brake fluid is changed reguarly to prevent the above.

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