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Increase Service Intervals and Reduce Rising Product Costs

As a global caliper and rotor supplier to the original equipment auto industry we have the expertise and experience to provide products that will exceed your expectations. Our brake packages will increase service intervals and reduce product replacement costs thanks to our scale and other manufacturing efficiencies which translates into more savings for you.

  • High Carbon material for better heat resistance

  • Stress relieved/Heat treated to prevent DTV/Runout

  • Slotted to allow out-gassing and better pad bite, for shorter stopping distances

  • Disc rotors are E-Met coated for rust prevention: critical in winter regions

  • Pads and rotors matched for maximum braking performance

  • Meets all SAE & Police testing requirements, validated by Link Engineering

  • Pads are low noise, high torque, and long life

  • Discs and pads are also available separately: No other supplier offers individually certified components


Read our official press release here. For our downloadable PDF, please click here.

For more information please contact:

Travis Bliss

Don Goergen


AMECA CAPP disc brake rotor 1.5 color #5
AMECA CAPP disc brake pads 1.5 color #5
Sparta Brakes Police Brakes.jpg

Works as well as it looks.

As many of us know almost all performance disc rotors are supplied with a slotted face, in addition some also include drilled holes or dimples.

The purpose of these features is primarily to help with increased pad bite by deglazing the pads and by expelling gas and dust trapped between the brake pad and rotor face. 

Slots are typically milled at an angle across the rotor face with the intention of covering as many of the internal vanes as possible, thus trying to avoid fractures on the rotor face. Some manufacturers choose to utilize a series of slots across the rotor face, however, more is not always better, in fact too many slots can cause numerous braking issues and complaints. 

To create the perfect rotor there needs to be a balance of available friction surface combined with a limited number of slots. Too many slots will leave less friction surface, therefore reducing brake efficiency. It will also cause an excess of pad resin deposits across the friction surface which if left to build-up can lead to 'hot spots'. Resin build-up can become so severe that it can cause brake shudder, pedal pulsation and sever vibration through the steering wheel. It most cases these symptoms are mistaken for rotor runout or a warped disc. 

IMG_7258 copy.jpg

Sparta's engineers have studied the ramifications of pad resin build up on the rotor face and the effects it has on the braking system. This has led to our patented slot design.

By machining our slots strategically on the rotor face, the resin spread is far more even across the friction surface reducing the chances of 'hot spots'. Another critical feature of the slots is that they begin and end over the internal vane pillars, therefore helping to eliminate any stress points on the slot's tips that under some circumstances could cause cracking. 

Sparta opted not to include any drilled holes through the surface of the disc for good reason. While there are indeed advantages for this, the downside is that you reduce the surface area which can cause localized heating of the disc and an unbalanced thermal gradient. This can become particularly evident during multiple braking events (track day etc) and can cause fractures across the disc surface. Some tracks now ban the use of drilled rotors for these safety reasons. 

One piece slotted rotors.

Sparta Evolution rotors are engineered to endure extreme conditions and undergo stringent quality inspection procedures. Laboratory and on track testing have proven that our rotor alloys last longer and provide more stable friction profiles. All Sparta Evolution police rotors are manufactured utilizing our GX 3.0 alloy to increase wear resistance and heat cycling capabilities. Coated in our E-Met formulation, our police rotors are protected against rust and corrosion better than the leading coating on the market. With these features paired with our patented slot pattern, Sparta's rotors are proven to last.  

Our guarantee to you.

All Sparta products are supplied with a twelve month warranty giving the original purchaser peace of mind that every Sparta product will be free from manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials. You can view our complete warranty document here. 

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