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Athena Big Brake Kits Available for Ford F150 Raptor!

Ford’s massively popular F150 Raptor gets a BIG Brake upgrade! Our Athena Big Brake Kit is now available to purchase! Everything you need to drastically slash stopping distances, even with a fully loaded rig, and oversize wheels and tires.

This Athena 6 piston big brake kit is as muscular looking as the F150 Raptor itself. Athena calipers are cast with a unique feature, our aero-vent design that directs cool air into the caliper itself, which helps reduce brake system temperatures, contributing to increased brake pad and rotor life, and provides better braking feedback to the driver. The Athena big brake kits for the Ford F150 Raptor are available in red or black and either color choice makes a bold statement on your Raptor. The front big brake kit includes the Athena calipers, GP2 brake rotors that feature TW3 slotting and DCF96 vanes, stainless steel brake lines, brake fluid, and all of the necessary brackets and fasteners to install the kit.

The Raptor is already a very capable off-road machine. But when you add an Athena BBK the truck is unstoppable. The Athena BBK will provide a level of braking performance that the OE system could never match. Off-road, commuting, farm work, hauling, it doesn't matter. The Athena brake kit will improve stopping distances while remaining civilized enough that you will forget they are there until you try a slow descent with your truck full loaded with gear. Thats when you learn what the Athena is made of.

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