Athena Series Available For Custom Applications!

Our NEW Athena range of brake components is available for DIY custom applications. Sparta offers Athena calipers and rotor rings separately, so they can be customized for your own project. The Athena caliper incorporates many unique features and advantages into its design, such as a rigid monoblock body with Sparta’s Aero-vent lightened framework for increased airflow to lower overall braking temperatures that result in more consistent braking. The Athena caliper design is far more rigid than other calipers which contributes to more even pad and rotor wear, for better braking and longer service life.

Sparta also offers our rotor rings to pair with the Athena calipers. Available in a variety of diameters and mounting tab designs, you can easily create a suitable rotor hat to allow these rings to fit any chassis out there. The universal rotor rings feature our proprietary DCF96 post and pillar vane design that is far more efficient at expelling heat than traditional straight and curved vane rotors. We also incorporate the patented TW3 (Thermal Window 3) slot pattern that not only assists in relieving pressure from outgassing, and also deglazes the pads, but also helps to balance the thermal gradient across the rotor’s entire surface. We developed the TW3 slot design using advanced FEA analysis to maximize the cooling effects.

More comprehensive technical specs and dimensional data is also available.

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