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Brake Technology - Dynamic Continuous Flow 96 (DCF96)

Sparta’s patented Dynamic Continuous Flow (DCF96) brake disc vane design has proven to be superior to other vane styles on the market, addressing many weaknesses found in traditional brake rotor vent designs. Traditional discs feature vane patterns that are either straight or curved. When heat is applied to a traditional disc, the material will expand both radially and linearly. The linear expansion results in the disc's friction surfaces expanding or ballooning outwards, which can cause a massive 30% loss of pad contact with the rotor. Another symptom of this linear expansion manifests as a shudder in the steering wheel or pedal under light braking pressure, commonly attributed to a warped rotor or disc thickness variation (DTV).

The DCF96 vane design helps eliminate this linear expansion. The secret is in the vane design, which features 96 strategically placed pillars and posts for more even heat distribution and reduced swelling. As a disc rotates, ambient air flows through the disc's ventilation channel. The air then circulates around the pillars, helping dissipate the heat and expel it away from the disc. The ovalized pockets in the DCF96 design conduct heat away from the friction surface and into the pillars, reducing the disc's linear expansion. Additionally, the DCF96 vane design isn't directional, so they are just as effective on either side of the vehicle as opposed to traditional curved vane patterns that lose cooling efficiency if spun in the wrong direction.

Brake Technology - Sparta Brakes

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