Facts & Figures: Pressure, Heat, and Reliability.

Working with our partners from Worthouse.Team, we developed an infographic to provide some insight on our brakes!

Imagine an item no bigger than your hand heating up to 700 degrees Celsius and being compressed to 60 bar in a split second between a brake rotor and the brake piston. Now imagine having to do this several hundred times a day and think that this tiny part - a brake pad, is just one of the elements of a braking system that the driver depends on not only for the performance of the system but the safety of it as well. This is a priority for Sparta Evolution, a world class manufacturer of high performance brake systems. From the calipers to the rotors to the fluid, all components are equally important! The production process and adjustments for the characteristics of each sport are based on many years of research and development, as well as cooperation with the best drivers in the world.

Never underestimate the importance of braking power!