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Sparta Big Brake Kit Installation Guide

Thank you for ordering a Sparta big brake kit! To properly install your new kit, please follow the instructions carefully. We recommend using safety glasses and gloves during installation.

Please download the PDF for the complete installation guide. 

Here is a brief overview.


  • Jack up the vehicle and make sure is is safely sitting on jack stands.

  • Remove OEM caliper and rotor

  • Remove brake lines, be careful to catch the fluid as it drains

  • Install new Sparta pads into Sparta calipers

  • Bolt the caliper adapter bracket to the car where the OEM caliper was removed

  • Test fit the caliper to make sure it doesn't contact the heat shield. Trim or bend if necessary

  • Install the brake rotor

  • Install the caliper over the rotor, ensuring that the drain fittings face upward

  • Attach the brake line to the caliper, and the hard line. 

  • Ensure all bolts are properly tightened

  • Repeat for all remaining rotors and calipers to install

  • Bleed the brake hydraulic system, you may want to recruit a friend to help

  • Test drive

  • Bed the brake system

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Click on the PDF to get started.
Sparta Brakes Big Brake Kit Install Guid
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