Athena Big Brake Kits Available for Chevrolet Colorado!

Chevrolet has hit a home run with their mid-sized Colorado. Now it can have the brakes it should have come with from the factory. Our NEW Athena big brake kit is ideal for fully loaded trucks, off-road adventures, as well as the daily commute.

The Athena 6 piston big brake kit is ideally suited to handle the pickup truck life. The Athena caliper features our unique aero-vent design that allow cool air to enter the caliper body, contributing to lower overall brake system temperatures for more consistent brake performance. Additionally, the Athena caliper is available in red or black powder-coated finish for head turning good looks. Combine that with the advanced cooling ability of the our GP2 rotors that feature our DCF96 post and pillar vane design that is also all about reducing brake temps, and you have the coolest running big brake kit out there, even at low rotational speeds which is a big deal for off-road applications.

At Sparta, we know what it takes to build high quality OE brake products, since Sparta is born from Tier 1 brake suppliers. With Original Equipment durability, and massively more capable braking performance at the pedal, the Athena BBK is the ideal brake upgrade for the Chevrolet Colorado.