New Applications - Mid Month Update

Kent, WA - July 22nd, 2020

We're excited to announce new applications to our line of 1BK direct replacement kits!

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About the All-in-One Brake kits (1BK)

When it comes to upgrading the entire brake system on a vehicle there are a lot of decisions that need to be made, because there are so many brake brands out there. Often times, once you piece together all of the various components from different manufacturers, the system as a whole may not perform as expected. To avoid this, we offer a full range of All-in-One Brake Kits (1BK) that include all of the components required, and that have been tested and proven to compliment each other.

The 1BK kits contain two rotors, a front or rear set of brake pads and a bottle of fresh high performance brake fluid. The rotors supplied are our GP1 high carbon rotors with Sparta’s unique TW3 slot design, and DCF96 pillar/post vane design, the same features that we use across our entire rotor range.

Also included in the kit are our SPP1.0 brake pads that are a jack of all trades. They provide increased driver feedback and improved initial bite over a wide temperature range, without being noisy or overly dusty. They are a great high performance brake pad with no downsides.

To round out the 1BK kits, we also include our P518 DOT4 brake fluid that offers a higher boiling point than more common DOT3 fluids which enables it to perform better under extreme temperatures.