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Sparta Disc Service & Assembly

To properly assemble your Sparta GP2 rotors, please follow the instructions carefully.

All of Sparta’s two-piece brake rotors are able to be serviced to extend their life. The outer rotor ring, or friction ring, where the pads make contact can be ordered separately, and replaced. It's a simple process, but it never hurts to have the instructions handy before starting any project. Plus, there are a few bolt torque settings you will need to be aware of. 


Please download the PDF for the complete instructions. 

Here is a brief overview.


1. Items C thru I are available as a Hardware Pack separately, but are included with replacement rotors.

2. Items D thru G assemble as shown and alternate around the hat with assembled items H and l. There are 4, 5 or 6 assemblies of each type for a total of 8, 10 or 12 alternating around the hat depending of the application.

3. Apply a high temperature thread locking fluid to items G and l, M5 cap screw.

4. Torque cap screw to 5 Ft/Lb (60 ln./Lb or 7 NIM) Do not over-tighten.

 5. Replace hardware pack each time rotor rings are replaced.

A. Rotor Ring

B. Brake Hat

C. Drive Bushing

D. Square Washer

E. Spring Clip

F. Flat washer (silver)

G. M5 Cap Screw

H. Belleville Spring Washer (Dark Grey)

I. M5 Cap Screw (typ. 2-3mm shorter than G.)

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Click on the PDF to get started.
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